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While traditional marketing strategies may still be effective for some nonprofits, social media provides a powerful platform for the supporters of a nonprofit to share information about the cause. The real-time nature of social media allows for more effective mobilisation of grassroots support. For example, the London riots of 2011 showed the power of social media to unite the public in a time of crisis. Here are some key benefits of using social media for nonprofits.

Don’t be shy about sharing your nonprofit’s accomplishments. Nonprofits do incredible things for the global community, but most of their work never reaches social media platforms. Sharing your accomplishments on social media can be a powerful way to draw new audiences and gain attention. Be careful not to sound like you’re bragging. If your nonprofit adds value to people’s lives, other people will be proud to brag about your work Tishare.

Use social media to unite people with common interests. Using popular hashtags, joining LinkedIn groups, and participating in Twitter chats are great ways to find supporters who are passionate about your cause. People who share the same beliefs as you will engage with your content and contribute to your fundraising efforts. But it’s not enough to post a great content and hope that people will respond. To build a strong following, you need to understand your audience and make sure your content aligns with its interests Stylishster.

Besides creating awareness for your cause, social media can connect with supporters and build new relationships. Nonprofits should also engage in new conversations through social media to make donors feel like people. According to a recent survey, 98% of nonprofits are using Facebook. The social media giant has nearly 3 billion users and has many tools for nonprofits. Nonprofits can set up fundraising campaigns, receive donations, and create donation buttons using Facebook.

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