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While a university degree is preferred for teaching English in Europe, it is not necessary for an individual to have a master’s or doctorate degree to work in the country. If you have some classroom experience, a TEFL certification, or both, you can secure a job with many schools without having a degree. However, this does not guarantee you a position. You can expect to spend a considerable amount of time looking for a job.

If you want to teach English abroad without a degree, it is important to have a TEFL certification. Most employers prefer applicants with at least a 120-hour TEFL qualification. Choose a TEFL course provider that is recognized internationally and accredited. You must also have a valid work visa to work in the country where you intend to work. Regardless of your TEFL certification, you should always be prepared to deal with the challenges of the new job market.

While there are many advantages to teaching English in Europe without a degree, some requirements can discourage people from taking the leap. While a bachelor’s degree is still beneficial, the requirement for a degree may be too rigid. You will have a better chance of getting hired by schools in Europe if you are educated in other subject areas. However, if you are a highly skilled individual, you can consider teaching English in Russia without a degree.