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Is Harlem safe for white tourists? Those are two questions that tourists often ask themselves. First, New York City was once a very unsafe city. Because of the crack problem, you may have heard about how dangerous it was to visit, but today, New York City is one of the safest cities in the country. Second, Harlem used to have a bad reputation, but that has changed. Now, President Bill Clinton has his office in Harlem, and it’s definitely heading in the right direction.

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The answer to this question is slightly different for different parts of Harlem. The western part of Harlem is generally safer than the eastern part. However, if you’re going to visit during the night, you should take special precautions and stick to the west side. You should also avoid engaging with strangers, especially at night. For more information about the safety of Harlem, visit the official website of the New York Police Department.

The second question asked in the survey was, “Is Harlem safe for white tourists?” This question has been around for decades. The city’s crime statistics may be misleading, since it’s difficult to gauge how safe the area is in the daytime, as many people go out late at night. Compared to that, Harlem’s crime is generally between friends and family. So, in short, you’re much safer in East Harlem than in Howard Beach.