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HomeAllHow to Choose a Cooling Stand for Your Laptop: Tips and Recommendations

Cooling Type

A laptop stand can have different types of cooling. For example, passive doesn’t require power — it’s simply a design that facilitates air circulation. This option is suitable for models that don’t get too hot.

But for those who are often exposed to high loads, stands with active cooling are better suited — they are equipped with special fans that disperse air.


Before buying, make sure that the chosen laptop stand has the right size. Specify the diagonal of the screen: there are universal models that fit all computers up to 16 inches, and there are enlarged alternatives for devices from 17 to 21 inches.

Cooling System

Examine what kind of cooling system is used in the stand. High-quality models have efficient fans and competently distribute airflow to maximize laptop cooling, which is essential when you need to cool down your laptop after long hours playing at HellSpin or completing work tasks.

For models that get too hot, select stands with 3-5 fans. But remember that they will make some noise. If you work in the same space with colleagues or family members, then this can create a number of inconveniences. A slightly quieter stand with 1-2 cooling fans will work, but its efficiency will also decrease.

Case Material

Choose a stand with a high-quality case that has excellent thermal conductivity and durability. Most often, you can find designs made of aluminum and plastic.

Aluminum has a high coefficient of thermal conductivity. The stands made of it are stable and durable, but they are quite heavy, and it’s not convenient to carry them.

Plastic is more suitable for those who often take their laptop with them. Such designs are lighter and are often supplemented with rubber inserts for protection against slipping.


Laptop cooling stands need power; otherwise, the fans won’t be able to race air. There are several options — with a connection to the 220V mains and with work via USB cable. The first option is suitable for stationary installation, and the second is more universal and mobile. Choose which one is closer to leakbio  you.

Noise Level

Pay attention to the noise level that the stand creates. It should be comfortable for working or watching content. As a rule, the average level of models with 1-3 fans is 10-25 dB.

Fan Placement

When choosing a stand, consider models with an axial fan. Based on experience, it can be seen that most often, overheating of the laptop occurs precisely in the central part of the device.

However, some models are prone to overheating on the sides. In such cases, pay attention to stands with several fans that are evenly located around the entire perimeter. This will help you effectively cope with the problem and provide the necessary ventilation.

Additional Features

Look at the additional features that can be useful when using the stand.

Additional USB ports for connecting peripherals will allow you to use your keyboard, mouse, and memory card at the same time.

Tilt adjustment will help you find this perfect position for comfortable work, thanks to which your fingers and hands will be less tired.

Locking clips or rubber inserts prevent the stand from sliding and provide stability on any surface.